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Meet Clay

Hi! I’m so glad you love my filming style! Here’s a little bit about me…

My devotion is my God.

The most important thing I can tell you has to do with my faith in God and his Son Jesus. I know He is real, alive, and that He loves you. The best thing you could ever do in life is this…trust Jesus to save you! I am a Christian and I am so grateful for my God. He is so good to me!


My passion is my family.

I am a husband to an amazing wife and a father to two wonderful daughters. My wife is my best friend! I have such a love for her. She is so loving, hard-working, and sometimes a little feisty! My girls are my joy. They are both so spunky and full of life…and silliness. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled bigger or laughed harder than when I’m with my daughters. 


My profession is my filmmaking.

I absolutely love seeing the emotion, joy, and love unfold on a wedding day! And then I get to capture it for the couple and give them a timeless film to help them forever remember that precious moment! The reaction of the bride seeing her film for the first time is priceless. There’s so much laughter, happiness, and tears. 


I would be thrilled to create a timeless wedding film for you! I only do about 20 weddings a year so please contact me as soon as possible to secure your booking. 

CLAY CARLSON FILMS  clay@claycarlsonfilms based out of Carlsbad, NM