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Amazingly, I call myself a filmmaker. And you can too. Let me show you the secret to my success. 

Two years ago I came across a youtube video of a wedding film that blew me away. The movements, the colors, the emotion, the story, everything about it was incredible. Immediately it ignited a passion in me. "I want to do this!" I thought to myself. But I had a dainty little problem...I had no idea HOW! How do I make films like this? I quickly gave up on this foolish idea. My burst of excitement was gone as swiftly as it came. Reality swept back in. There's no way I could ever be good enough to do that. 

As I closed my browser I noticed the film was made by some guy named Parker Walbeck. 

Sometime later, I was on facebook and came across an ad for 

Full Time Filmmaker, the Ultimate Online Film School, taught by Parker Walbeck. Hey, that's the guy that made that sweet wedding film! I clicked on the ad. At first, I was skeptical. Could this course help me become a filmmaker? My mouse hovered over the "Enroll Now" button. One-click later and I was a member. That was the single-most-important click I have ever made. 

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, has been a greater contributor to my success than Full Time Filmmaker. Parker will teach you how to shoot, edit, run a successful business and so much more. He has created the most valuable course on filmmaking. 

Take the plunge...Join Full Time Filmmaker. You won't regret it. 


Check out my favorite gear that I use for my wedding films. 

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