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What is a wedding film?

A wedding film is a cinematic highlight video that tells your entire wedding day story in 6-10 minutes.


Where are you based out of?

I live in Carlsbad, New Mexico!


Do you travel?

Yes, I travel in the Southwestern U.S. including New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.


How much does a wedding film cost?

My 2022 packages range from $1800-$3000 depending on your needs, add-ons, and travel fees. Contact me to receive an online brochure with my packages.


Are there any others on your team just in case of an emergency and you cannot be at the wedding? 

I have associate videographers that assist me and can cover me in case of an emergency.


When will I receive the final wedding film?

Most films are completed in 6-8 weeks.


What all do you video?

Depending on the package, I film:

  • The venue

  • Getting ready

  • The dress!

  • The rings

  • The ceremony

  • The vows

  • The wedding party

  • The couple!

  • The reception

  • The speeches

  • The dances

  • The cake cutting

  • The bouquet and garter toss

  • The grand exit

  • And more!

How is the wedding film delivered?

You'll receive the film via a digital download and a USB flash drive.

Who picks the songs for the film?

I do! I license the highest quality music from that perfectly matches your film!

Am I allowed to request changes to my wedding film?

Yes! You can request up to 2 rounds of minor revisions.

Do you work well with photographers?

Yes! I always communicate with the photographer before the wedding and get a plan. So far I've had nothing but great experiences working with photographers. 😊

What's needed to book?

  • Wedding date & location decided

  • Contract signed

  • $500 deposit fee (Yes, it goes towards the total)

What does the payment schedule look like?

  • $500 deposit fee at booking

  • Remaining balance is due 1 month before wedding

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

I understand plans can change!

The deposit payment is non-refundable however, you will receive a refund on any other payments (pending contract details)

How far in advance do you book weddings?

I can book weddings up to 18 months in advance.

How are we going to meet & make plans if we don’t live close?

Zoom meetings and phone calls for the win!

How much experience do you have in videography?

I've been shooting wedding films since 2018.

Did you go to film school?

Nope! I learned everything I know from an excellent online course called Full Time Filmmaker!

How many videographers will be filming during the wedding?

Depending on the package, there will be 1-2 videographers.

How many camera angles are used?

I use up to 3 angles during the ceremony and reception.

How would you describe your style?

Story is King! I try to capture and tell the entire wedding story with dynamic video, audio, and a great song choice!

Do you need a designated area at reception?



Do you take any breaks on a wedding day?

Yes! No one wants a camera in their face when they are eating. I take a break during the reception meal. 😊


Nerdy FAQ

Do you shoot your films in 4k?

Yes! I do!


Team Canon or Team Sony?

CANON! Fight me! 😝


What camera do you use?

  • Canon C70

  • Canon EOS R6

  • Canon EOS R (x2)


What's your favorite lens?

  • Canon RF 28-70mm f2

  • Canon RF 50mm f1.2

  • Canon RF 70-200 f2.8

How many lenses do you own?!

Too many.... 9! 


Do you use a camera stabilizer?

Yes, I use the DJI RS2


Do you have a drone?

Yes! I have the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. It's such a cool drone!


How do you record audio?

  • A Tascam DR-10L on the bride and groom

  • A Zoom F6 at the DJ's board


What do you use to edit?

An iMac!


What software do you use to edit?

Final Cut Pro X


What frame rate do you shoot your films at?

My A-roll is 24fps and my B-roll is 60fps (for that buttery smooth slow-motion)


How long does it take to edit a wedding film?

It takes up to 40 hours to edit a wedding film! 🤯

But my average is about 25 hours. 😌

Fun Fact: Some wedding films take up a staggering 750+ GB of storage on my hard drive!

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