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Cambria & Miguel

Gorgeous Washington Ranch Wedding. 

"One life could never be enough when it's with you." -Miguel


Shelaine & Cruz

“Time keeps going by so fast, but time stops for a bit when I’m with you. I love you with all my heart and soul and I promise that will never change” -Cruz

Samantha & Aaron

Maternity Film

First comes love, then comes marriage (which I filmed), then comes baby in a baby carriage!

Ashley & Preston

This couple got married in the sub-freezing weather at Old Town Farm in Albuquerque.  Despite the bitter cold, you could feel the fire of love between these two. 

Andrea & Jeff

"I would marry you in a boat, and with a goat. I would marry you in the rain, and in the dark on a train. And in a car and in a are so are so good to me..."

Tamia & Alex

"Since the day I said I love you I meant it with all my heart.” 

Oh and their first dance was AMAZING!!

Bettina & Vincent

"Since you have met Bettina, I've never seen you fight harder, love harder, and become an even better person."

Leah & Chad

If there was ever such a thing as are looking at them. ❤️❤️

Lena & Elwin

“When it comes to marriage I think young women plan their entire lives for this…but us boys, we just kind of wing it until we get there. Until the right one find us we don’t figure it out. And you found the right one…”

Kimberly & Dan

"First of all I love you. I have loved you for approximately 86,140,800 seconds. I use that measurement instead of minutes, hours, or days....because I love you down to the very last second of every day."

Keely & Daniel

Teaser Trailer

I was absolutely blessed to film this stunning wedding in my home town of Durango, Colorado at River Bend Ranch. Wow. I'm speechless.

Lena & Elwin

Teaser Trailer

I've always wanted to shoot at this gorgeous venue! I finally got the chance and it did not disappoint. Also, Lena & Elwin are the sweetest couple!

Kevin & Brittany

Engagement Film at White Sands

I can't tell you how much fun this was for me to film and edit! You both are such awesome people and I really can't wait to film your wedding.

Maegan & Ryan

This wedding was out of this world! The venue was FANTASTIC, the vows were PERFECTION, and this couple is FIRE! Meagan & Ryan, welcome to your happily ever after!

Annelise & Tyler

Annelise & Tyler were MADE for each other. ❤️❤️ Just try to watch this without getting just a little emotional. 

Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt had an absolutely incredible wedding in Las Cruces, NM. In the middle of a world-wide pandemic, love prevailed and these two tied the knot despite all opposition.

It was an incredible honor being able to create this wedding film for them.

Selena & Javier

White Dress.

White Suit.

Yellow Flowers.

You have to check out this incredible Albuquerque wedding. 

Cortnie & Reid

I was so lucky Cortnie and Reid wanted me to travel all the way to Eden Utah for their big day. It was paradise and their wedding was just incredible. Catch all the feels with their wedding film.

Samantha & Aaron

Black dress.

Best sunset ever. 

Halloween themed wedding.


Ashlyn & Jayson

White Sands Engagement Film. 

Probably one of my favorite films to date. Anyone else want to go to White Sands? It's magical. Just look at that moon! 

Spring & Luke

"Moab Dream"

What better way to celebrate a new marriage than spend a day jeeping in the world-famous Moab, Utah and then ending the day with a gorgeous bridal shoot at the incredible Arches National Park?!

Oh yeah, there isn't a better way.

Shannia & Keenan


This wedding was an absolute dream.
Keenan and Shannia, you are both incredible people and you're absolutely perfect for each other. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me film your perfect day.

Stephanie & Thomas

Wow. This shoot was an absolute dream. Every person that made this shoot possible is incredible. I'm so thankful for opportunities like these.
Stephanie & Thomas, you are amazing! You made this stunning location even more beautiful. I had a great time filming your love for each other.

Darian & Conrad

Loved this incredible wedding! Darian & Conrad just have that special something that screams love for each other. Just listen to their vows! It's easy to tell these two are deep in love with each other.

Magali & Jose

Magali and Jose's wedding was magical. And by magical I mean absolute Disney magic. Try to spot all the hidden Mickeys! There's even some in her veil!

These two are beaming with pure love for each other. 

Meghan & Ryan

This couple is so special to me! I never met them in person until their wedding day, but after spending a day with them I felt like a lifetime friend. Never have I seen this much emotion at a wedding. Oh and there's llamas!  

Wanda & Andres

Wanda and Andres make their holy vows and then celebrate at the beautiful Balzano Family Vineyard & Pumpkin Patch. I was honored to film such an incredible day.

Laura & Tim 

At the beautiful Winding Path Gardens in Arlington, Washington, Laura and Tim make promises as Husband and Wife. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever filmed. 

Giovanna & Noah

Now this was a FUN wedding. These two are hilarious and everybody could tell they are madly in love.

Wedding took place at the stunning NOAH'S Event Venue in Westminster, Colorado.

Shelby & Dakota

What an incredible pleasure it was to film this absolutely amazing wedding. Everything from the towering trees over the venue to the little mints on each of the tables was just stunning. The wedding colors...the decorations...the dress....everything was just wonderful. And my goodness, this couple is beautiful!

Click this to see their engagement film.

Gabby & Cutter

Super fun wedding with these two amazing people. Their wedding was filled with so much laughter, joy, and love! I was smiling the entire time I was filming...and editing. Thank you so much for letting me capture these sweet memories on video.

Amber & Trevor

It was an absolute pleasure to film the wedding of these two love-birds!! And my goodness was it a gorgeous wedding!! Thank you so much for choosing me to create this film for you. I hope it serves as a window to the past...a window to your amazing wedding day. I hope you have a wonderful life together!

Abby & Alan

In this film, Abby and Alan each tell their personal story of how they fell in love and then they seal the deal in this amazing Albuquerque wedding.

Chelsey & Gio

In this film, I worked on taking my filming skills to the next level. This wonderful couple made it so easy for me as I tried some new techniques and really tried to tell the complete wedding day story. 

Jessica & Cody

Tying the knot at Waterfall Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. I think my favorite part is the first kiss! The confetti canons scared the preacher to death! 

Kandi & James

Summer 2018. My very first wedding film. It's not nearly as refined as my recent films but is still one of my favorites. I learned so much from creating this and it really gave me confidence to pursue my passion of filming weddings. 


Sabrina & Joe

Love > Cancer


This film brought tears to my grab a Kleenex...and get ready to watch the power of love.

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